New Abs and Booty Classes

A strong class dedicated to your favourite areas

New Abs and Booty Classes

Looking to define those abs and round that booty? Attika Abs and Booty class is a special session devoted to your favourite areas. Grow your glutes and define those abdominals. Experience the intricately formulated program made to boost your abs and booty most efficiently and effectively. 


Why is Abs and Booty the class for you?

Having a strong bottom and stomach is not only attractive, but it helps in injury prevention and supporting your back too! Level up each week with this progressive Strong class at Attika. Choose your weight and level. Everyone is welcome no matter their current size, strength or ability. 


What to expect?

Learn how to heavy-lift properly with weighted exercises such as deadlifts, glute bridges, Bulgarian squats and more, plus experience the burn with a combination of glute and ab-building accessory exercises featuring booty bands and body weight. 


Come and join the fun!

Learn new exercises in a fun and relaxed environment. If you'd like to join us then book your session via the Timetable. Remember - your first class is free!


InBody measurements are an accurate body composition reading tool to help us see your quantifiable progress of your personal goals you and your trainer have defined together.

We will be able to track:
  • Analysis of body composition – muscle, body fat, water retention
  • Comparison analysis for upper/lower body and left/right side balance
  • Setting specific health goals
  • Tracking and comparing your progress with previous measurements

At Attika our priority is your health. We have met plenty of people with six packs that are totally miserable and unhealthy. Having a six pack can be a side effect of healthy habits and of course we can help you to get there, if you wish to do so. However, our priority is creating healthy mindset and habits towards becoming a better human, feeling good in your own skin, and having energy to keep going. The looks are a bonus 🙂

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