What is the Bespoke Fitness Blueprint?

Your Attika health and fitness consultation

What is the Bespoke Fitness Blueprint?

The goal of the 90-minute Attika Bespoke Fitness Blueprint is for both you and your potential trainer to understand you, your body and your goals better. More than an induction in how Attika may be able to help you, this 90-minute session will tell you where you are now and the steps you need to take to be at your best. We must stress that there are absolutely no obligations past this stage. We want Attika to truly feel part of you. 


InBody Measurement: Our Advanced Body Composition Tool 

We start the session with an Inbody measurement. This is a highly accurate body composition scan which can help us understand where you're body is now from a health perspective, rather than from how you or others perceive it to be. 


The InBody Measurement Can Assess: 

Body composition - Muscle, body fat, water retention and visceral fat levels 

Muscular imbalances - We can compare the strength of the upper and lower body and the left versus the right side. Imbalances can lead to injury or progressive pain. By spotting them early on, we can correct them in your training. 

Comparison over time - Personal Training and Group Personal Training memberships grant you one InBody Measurement a month. This is so we can assess how your training is going and what areas we may need to adjust.  


The Chat: Where are you at?

This is the part where you and the trainer sit down with a coffee and chat about why you have come to Attika. You will go over the results of the InBody Measurement, your past and current experiences with exercise, your needs and desires, any injuries and health conditions and your nutrition. The trainer will use this information to advise you on possible lifestyle changes and steps you can start to take. Both you and the trainer will then work together to formulate goals that are realistic and attainable for you. 


Movement & Strength Assessments 

The Attika warm-up - You will go through a series of small exercises and stretches. This will tell us a bit about your current mobility, whether there are imbalances that need to be corrected or specific areas that need special attention. 

Mobility and Strength Assessments - Your trainer will put your current strength to the test in a small number of assessments, this will help them with programming, should you wish to continue, and you can compare your results over time. 

The Workout - If time allows for it, you will have your first workout at Attika. The trainer can learn more about you and you can find out more about the Attika way of training. The trainer will continue to assess and advise on the best training methods for you. 


The Result 

At the end of the session, the trainer will put together all the information from the 90 minutes and advise on the best training for you to achieve your health goals. 


So, How to Start? 

Once you purchase your Blueprint, you will receive a phone call from us at Attika so we can understand a little bit about why you want to kickstart your health journey and how we can be of help. We will then assign a trainer best suited to you and book your appointment. 

Want to uncover the secrets of your current state of health and personalise your path to wellness? Then book your Bespoke Fitness Blueprint here. 


InBody measurements are an accurate body composition reading tool to help us see your quantifiable progress of your personal goals you and your trainer have defined together.

We will be able to track:
  • Analysis of body composition – muscle, body fat, water retention
  • Comparison analysis for upper/lower body and left/right side balance
  • Setting specific health goals
  • Tracking and comparing your progress with previous measurements

At Attika our priority is your health. We have met plenty of people with six packs that are totally miserable and unhealthy. Having a six pack can be a side effect of healthy habits and of course we can help you to get there, if you wish to do so. However, our priority is creating healthy mindset and habits towards becoming a better human, feeling good in your own skin, and having energy to keep going. The looks are a bonus 🙂

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