Beginners' Salsa Rueda

Music, laughter and connection

Beginners' Salsa Rueda

Get ready to mix up your steps, potentially step on a few feet, and share some hearty laughter at our lively Beginners' Salsa Rueda Event here in Barcelona! This evening promises to be a fantastic opportunity to not only learn the basics of salsa but also meet other Barcelona expats in an interactive, group-oriented experience that encourages partner swapping, making everyone feel at ease. And remember, everyone here is a beginner, so there's no need to worry about your dancing prowess.

What is Salsa Rueda? 

Salsa Rueda is a captivating and energetic unique twist to traditional salsa. This style of salsa traces back to mid-20th century Cuba when salsa music and dance were flourishing on the island. Rueda ("wheel" in Spanish) is characterised by dancing in a circle with a group of partners, participants execute coordinated steps in response to the caller's cues. This type of salsa is known for creating a sense of unity and camaraderie among dancers as partners swap seamlessly and laughter fills the air.

Want to know how It looks? Check this YouTube video for more.

What to expect at our Beginners' Salsa Rueda at Attika:

Our event is divided into three parts: 1.5 hours of dance-filled fun!!

1. The Warm-Up (30 minutes): We'll kick things off with a 30-minute introduction to the world of salsa. You'll groove to the infectious beats, gradually getting into the rhythm, and receive guidance on mastering the fundamental steps, this should be a comfortable start to your dance journey.


2. Basic Rueda Group (30 minutes): Learn the steps as one. A dynamic and synchronised dance performed in a circle. As partners rotate, we'll step on some toes and have a laugh. Very quickly we will have formed our very own vibrant dance community. 


3. Dance the night away (30 minutes): As the night unfolds, you will have the opportunity to freely dance on your own or with others and practice your newly acquired skills. Solidify your newfound talent and lose yourself in the music. 

People salsa dancing

Meet The Instructor

Ellie Spuropoulou is a dynamic dance maestro currently enchanting Barcelona's dance scene. Specialising in salsa and bachata, Ellie's classes are more than just steps—they're a fusion of joy and learning, where the lively beats of Latin dance take center stage. With infectious enthusiasm, Ellie guides her students through a celebration of movement.

Come join us at 19:00 on February 16th at Attika Fitness

Are you ready to mix up some steps, step on peoples' feet, and share a good laugh while learning the art of salsa? Come join the fun by booking your place here. 

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