July activities in Barcelona

Great events to get involved with this summer

July activities in Barcelona

Music, education and outdoor activities. This July Barcelona is full of exciting events for you, friends and all the family. Click on each event below to find more information and where to get your tickets! 


Cosmocaixa – Cosmo night

10th-11th July 

Cosmo night

Discovery of the Galaxy, tematic night in CosmoCaixa Museum of Science. 

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Brunch festivals

7th, 14th, 21st July 

Brunch barcelona

Electronic music festivals in Barcelona - Parc de la Trinitat. 7th of July - Wade, 14th of July The Martinez Bros, 21st of July Carl Cox, Location: Parc de la Trinitat.

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Alma festival Barcelona

4th, 6th, 13th, 17th July

Alma Festival

Open-air summer music festival in the beautiful Poble espanyol. Rated the Best New Festival at the Iberian Festival Awards in 2024.

4th of July Valeria Castro, 6th of July Vetusta Morla, 13th of July Take That, 17th of July James Blunt. 

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Transform Negative Self-Talk 

Women's Gathering - Artemise Centre Feminin, 127 calle casp, 3-3A

18th July
woman talking negatively to herself

Transform your relationship with the inner critic and cultivate deeper self-tenderness. €18 online or €15 when you bring a friend. 

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Sea you Concert Sup Nights

6th of July

girl paddle surfing at night

Paddle Surf with concert, cocktail and dinner. SEA YOU Paddle Surf School. Ticket Price €40.00

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Brunch Picnic in Poblenou Park

Saturday, 6th of July

Brunch picnic in poblenou

Come along to our brunch picnic in Poblenou Park!!! Dogs, friends, strangers and ATTIKA community included, we are celebrating one whole year of ATTIKA energy! 

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Festas majors Raval and Poblesec

14th - 21st July

human towers in barcelona

Dancing and music, Castellers (the human towers) 11-14 July – Raval, 19-28 Poble-sec

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Cinema Lliure a la Platja 2024

18, 25 July

outdoor cinema in barcelona

Cinema on the beach at Barceloneta! Chill, vibes, new friends. On July 18 it will be Creatura by Elena Martín Gimeno, (Spain, 2023). July 25 will then be Past Lives by Celine Song (USA, 2023)

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