Recipe of the month: Post strength-training protein quinoa salad

A reliable meal to maximise the benefits of your workout

Recipe of the month: Post strength-training protein quinoa salad

This post-workout meal has been formulated with maximum strength training gains in mind. 


ATTIKA’s dietician, Anna, conducted this quinoa protein salad to replenish all the vital nutrients your body needs, post-strength training. 


The ideal resistance training carbs-protein ratio is  2:1 and this recipe does just that with about 60g of carbs and 30g of protein 


Why we love quinoa and you should too

Quinoa is always a great post-workout option as it is a plentiful source of carbs and protein. 


Quinoa has amazing post-workout benefits due to being a great source of magnesium. In these 60 g, there are 118 mg of magnesium. That’s ¼ of your recommended daily intake. Magnesium helps muscles relax so it is ideal for a speeding recovery and you can work to your best the next time. Quinoa is also a great gluten-free option for those needing one. 


Your protein source

Anna chose chicken breast as a rich source of protein, as it is also low in fat. Post-workout, we want to replenish our body’s protein as fast as possible. Fat takes longer to digest, so it’s advised to limit fats in your post-workout leave and save them for other times of the day. 


Tofu is our veggie option to replace the chicken. Although it has more fat than chicken, it is a rich source of protein and the fats are mostly polyunsaturated (the healthy ones!) Top tip: for a crispier texture, press the tofu with a paper towel to extract excess water



Quinoa 60g

Chicken breast 80g or tofu teriyaki, 150g

Tomato, 1

Cucumber, 20g

Carrots, 50g

Lime juice

Olive oil, 5g

Mung bean sprouts, 10g

Kale 1 cup

Orange bell pepper, 50g

Corn, 40g


How to cook it

We recommend to grill the chicken/tofu along with the bell pepper and season with some paprika, turmeric and a sprinkle of salt. Toss with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and voila. 


The Macros:

quinoa protein salad macros

Looking for more recipes that coincide with your goals?

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