What is personal training?
The benefits that come with a PT

What is personal training?\nThe benefits that come with a PT

What are the benefits of Personal Training? 


Have you ever wondered why your boss seems to have transformed into a Monday morning dynamo, proudly extolling the virtues of an active lifestyle and a nutritious diet, all thanks to their "Personal Trainer" or 'PT'? You've witnessed the positive physical changes in their body - the newfound agility, the weight loss, and the sustained vitality. So, what exactly is a Personal Trainer, and could one be the key to unlocking your own health and fitness potential?


In this article, we're going to delve into what exactly personal training is and why signing up might be the right step towards a healthier, happier you.


The 5 Key Benefits of Personal Training: 


1. Accountability

Imagine having a dedicated fitness partner who is invested in your progress and has also set specific, achievable targets for you. This is the magic of personal training. Your PT keeps you accountable. The desire to meet their expectations, and your own, becomes a powerful driving force. Knowing someone's waiting for you is a potent motivator, ensuring you show up consistently and reach the targets they have set. 


2. Safety first

In the gym, your personal trainer offers professional guidance to perfect your form and execute exercises safely. Incorrect exercise techniques can lead to injuries and setbacks. A PT ensures you perform exercises correctly, especially vital during rehabilitation or while tackling complex movements. 


3. Bespoke fitness plans: Because one size doesn't fit all

Generic workouts might be easy to find, but they rarely deliver the desired results. Hours in the gym won't get you far if you're not working in harmony with your body and goals. Personal trainers create bespoke fitness plans tailored to your unique abilities, age, body composition, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. This data-driven approach minimizes wasted time and maximizes your outcomes. 


4. Setting realistic, long-term goals

Personal trainers are experts at helping you set achievable, long-term fitness goals. They understand what's realistic and safe for you, steering you away from harmful objectives. Plus, they might introduce you to goals you've never considered, offering a holistic approach to improving your life, both now and in the future.


5. They challenge you 

Contrary to the cliché of drill-sergeant trainers, knocking down your bedroom door at 5am and screaming at you to do as many push ups until you cry. Personal trainers are here to challenge you, but not break you. They push you beyond what your friends or family might, but always in a healthy and attainable manner. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a professional by your side passing you those extra dumbbells you didn’t think you could master. 


Embrace the journey: It is more than just reps and sets

So, what's the bottom line? Personal training is about more than just reps, sets, and calorie counts. It's a journey guided by a dedicated professional who's invested in your health and fitness success. The benefits extend far beyond physical changes; they encompass mental and emotional well-being, as well as long-term life improvements.

At Attika, our personal trainers are your partners in progress, your guides to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a newbie, the right personal trainer can be the catalyst for a happier, healthier, and more vibrant you. So, why wait? Take that first step towards your fitness goals and discover the transformative power of personal training at Attika.

InBody measurements are an accurate body composition reading tool to help us see your quantifiable progress of your personal goals you and your trainer have defined together.

We will be able to track:
  • Analysis of body composition – muscle, body fat, water retention
  • Comparison analysis for upper/lower body and left/right side balance
  • Setting specific health goals
  • Tracking and comparing your progress with previous measurements

At Attika our priority is your health. We have met plenty of people with six packs that are totally miserable and unhealthy. Having a six pack can be a side effect of healthy habits and of course we can help you to get there, if you wish to do so. However, our priority is creating healthy mindset and habits towards becoming a better human, feeling good in your own skin, and having energy to keep going. The looks are a bonus 🙂

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