Where you are is where you should be: The ATTIKA Philosophy

Where you are is where you should be: The ATTIKA Philosophy

In a world increasingly obsessed with performance metrics and standards, ATTIKA stands apart with a refreshing and compassionate approach to fitness. At the heart of our philosophy lies our belief: where you are is exactly where you need to be. This ethos is embedded in every aspect of our fitness journey together, from the moment you join us to each step you take towards your goals.


The Bespoke Fitness Blueprint: No Judgement, Just You

When you first start a bespoke membership at ATTIKA, you’ll encounter our unique initial assessment, the Bespoke Fitness Blueprint. Unlike traditional fitness assessments that impose benchmarks and performance standards, our blueprint is designed to understand you without judgment. We recognise that a myriad of lifestyle and genetic factors influence your current fitness levels, and it's crucial to honour those influences rather than judge them.


Understanding the Individual

Why do we avoid benchmarks? Because progress is deeply personal. Your starting point is influenced by factors such as your daily habits, genetic predispositions, past injuries, and even your psychological relationship with fitness. We believe that acknowledging these factors is the first step towards meaningful progress. By understanding where you are right now, we can better appreciate the journey ahead.


Tailored Programs for Real Progress

Based on the results of your Bespoke Fitness Blueprint, our skilled ATTIKA coaches create a customised fitness program just for you. This tailored approach ensures that your fitness journey is both effective and sustainable. By focusing on your unique starting point, we can set realistic and attainable goals that lead to genuine progress.


Tracking Progress: Your Personal Journey

Progress at ATTIKA is not about meeting arbitrary standards. It's about continuous personal growth. Our programming tracks your progress each week, so you can celebrate every achievement, whether that is just one more rep or one more kg. This personalised tracking ensures that you see tangible results and remain motivated to continue your journey.


The Power of a Supportive Community

Joining ATTIKA means becoming part of a supportive community where judgment is left at the door. Our coaches and fellow members are here to support and encourage you, celebrating every milestone you reach. The journey is yours, but you are never alone.


Embracing the ATTIKA Philosophy

When you embrace the ATTIKA philosophy, you embrace a mindset of acceptance and empowerment. You understand that progress is not a race but a personal journey. You learn to appreciate your unique path and to value every step you take towards better health and fitness. It’s important to remember that progress is not linear. Some weeks may be harder than others, again due to a myriad of influences. Remember to trust the process and not give up. 


Conclusion: Your Progress, Your Pace

At ATTIKA, we are committed to helping you progress at your own pace. Our no-judgment approach ensures your fitness journey is tailored to your needs and goals. With the Bespoke Fitness Blueprint as your starting point, you can embark on a path of continuous improvement, supported by a community that celebrates your individuality. Click here to book yourself in so you can get a customised plan tailored exactly to where you are right now. 

InBody measurements are an accurate body composition reading tool to help us see your quantifiable progress of your personal goals you and your trainer have defined together.

We will be able to track:
  • Analysis of body composition – muscle, body fat, water retention
  • Comparison analysis for upper/lower body and left/right side balance
  • Setting specific health goals
  • Tracking and comparing your progress with previous measurements

At Attika our priority is your health. We have met plenty of people with six packs that are totally miserable and unhealthy. Having a six pack can be a side effect of healthy habits and of course we can help you to get there, if you wish to do so. However, our priority is creating healthy mindset and habits towards becoming a better human, feeling good in your own skin, and having energy to keep going. The looks are a bonus 🙂

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