Barcelona February 2024

Events and activities to get excited about here in Catalonia

Barcelona February 2024

So you’ve seen the Sagrada Familia and it’s a little bit cold for sunbathing on Barceloneta beach. Here are some exciting events to keep you feeling as sunny as the frosty blue skies in Barcelona this February. 


Sync Your Frequency: Breath and Sound | Show Up

2nd February 

Harmonise your inner frequency through breathwork and sound healing. An immersive session where you can discover the power of synchronising your breath and sound vibrations for holistic well-being.

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Llum BCN - Light installations all over the city 

2nd,3rd,4th February 

A leading European festival organised by Barcelona City Council, Llum BCN brings together a mix of creative arts from local architecture and design schools and artists. Showcasing architecture, technology and lighting design throughout the Poblenou neighborhood and the Plaza de las Glórias. 

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Lights on a Barcelona building


Palo Alto Market 

3rd, 4th February

Food trucks, local designers, market stalls, flowing Aperol Spritz and a finale of live music where everyone dances and sings along. Palo Market is a feel-good weekend activity that has everything in one. 

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Barcelona Carnival 

8th-14th February 

A range of amazing activities throughout the city including Arribos, coca de llardons tastings, omelette contests and of course Carnival parades through the city's neighbourhoods. Check the guide for the times of concerts, costume contests, exhibitions, masked dances and dress-up workshops.

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 Salsa Rueda | Attika 

16th February

Mix up your steps, potentially step on a few feet, and share some hearty laughter at a lively Beginners' Salsa Rueda Event. A fantastic opportunity to not only learn the basics of salsa but also meet other Barcelona expats in an interactive, group-oriented experience that encourages partner swapping, making everyone feel at ease. 

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Sitges Carnival 

16th-22nd February 

Renowned for the best and oldest carnival in Catalonia. Watch and dance amongst 300,000 others to the Glittering parades along the beachfront. Come in fancy dress and spend the day eating and drinking tapas amongst other merry festival-goers. Check the link for more on what to expect each day. 

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Happy February everyone. We wish you a well and happy month in Barcelona! 

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