Should a beginner get a personal trainer?

How to ensure safety and quality in the gym

Should a beginner get a personal trainer?

Should a beginner get a personal trainer? 

Absolutely! Stepping into the gym as a beginner can feel like entering a new world filled with unfamiliar equipment, intimidating machines, and a sea of seasoned gym-goers. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start. That's precisely why having a personal trainer by your side can be a game-changer. Personal training isn't reserved for elite athletes striving for Olympic glory, it's for everyone.

In this article, we explore why a personal trainer is a crucial asset for the safety of beginners and the most efficient way to get the best results. 


Why a beginner should get a personal trainer:

1. It’s personal! That’s the point

Unfortunately, for maximum results, there is not a one-size fits all workout plan. The essence of personal training lies in its name—it's personal to your abilities and goals. Personal training is not just for athletes that need professional advice to get to the top of their game. Like everyone else, a beginner needs a fitness strategy designed around their unique needs. A beginner that comes into the gym needs a different kind of help to an experienced gym-goer. A personal trainer assists not only with exercise routines but also with motivation, lifestyle adjustments, and goal setting. They craft workouts that match your current abilities while gradually pushing your boundaries to achieve more.


2. Safety first

Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car without a lesson or guidance. It's doable, but the risk of not using the gear stick correctly or failing to check all the mirrors before making a turn is real. Now, apply that analogy to lifting weights at the gym. While some may manage, there's a significant risk involved when you're not familiar with proper form and technique. It's a risk you don't want to take with your body and overall well-being.


Going it alone: Tips for if you don’t have a personal trainer 

If personal training isn't an option, there are still ways to prioritize safety in the gym, especially if you're a beginner:


1. Seek Advice from Gym Instructors:

Gym instructors are there to help. Don't hesitate to approach them for guidance on exercises or machine usage. While they may not be available for every session, they can provide valuable insights and tips.


2. Buddy Up:

Working out with a friend who has some experience can be a great safety net. Sometimes, even when you believe your form is correct, a second pair of eyes can spot minor adjustments needed for safer workouts.


3. Learn from the Pros:

In the age of technology, YouTube is a treasure trove of fitness tutorials. Follow established and reputable accounts that provide step-by-step instructions. Again, they won't be formulated to your ability or goals but it' a great free resource ful of helpful tips and fun workouts. Our tip: Film yourself during workouts and compare your form to the videos to ensure you're on track.


4. Join a Class:

Small group classes or group personal training are fantastic alternatives. In these settings, you benefit from professional guidance while still enjoying the motivation of your fellow participants. While it may not be entirely personalized, it's a surefire way to ensure you're doing things correctly.


Attika: The bespoke approach to health and fitness

At Attika, our personal trainers are dedicated to your safety and success. As a beginner, you can rest assured that you're in capable hands, poised for remarkable progress and sustainable results. If one-on-one personal training doesn't align with your preferences or schedule, consider our group personal training sessions, where you'll receive hands-on advice and coaching in a small, focused setting. Alternatively, our group classes offer the benefits of camaraderie and expert guidance in a supportive environment.

In conclusion, for beginners, a personal trainer is pathway to a successful and safe fitness journey. Whether you opt for personalized training or group sessions at Attika, you'll find the guidance, motivation, and expertise you need to make your fitness goals a reality. Don't let intimidation hold you back; take that first step towards a healthier, happier you.

InBody measurements are an accurate body composition reading tool to help us see your quantifiable progress of your personal goals you and your trainer have defined together.

We will be able to track:
  • Analysis of body composition – muscle, body fat, water retention
  • Comparison analysis for upper/lower body and left/right side balance
  • Setting specific health goals
  • Tracking and comparing your progress with previous measurements

At Attika our priority is your health. We have met plenty of people with six packs that are totally miserable and unhealthy. Having a six pack can be a side effect of healthy habits and of course we can help you to get there, if you wish to do so. However, our priority is creating healthy mindset and habits towards becoming a better human, feeling good in your own skin, and having energy to keep going. The looks are a bonus 🙂

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